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welcome to dreamland with this sublime dreamcatcher Ptaysanwee 


Ptaysanwee means bison/white buffalo 
The latter is a symbol of abundance for Native Americans. In Native American beliefs, if a white buffalo appeared, it meant that prayers were heard and there was going to be plenty in the harvest. 
The bison brought everything: food, clothing and leather. 

A legend says that the white buffalo woman came to teach the Lakota tribe that they need not struggle to survive if right action is accompanied by right prayer.
By uniting the ordinary prosaic and the divine in appropriate ways, all that is needed would be available. 

This sublime dreamcatcher, made entirely by hand, has  was designed in collaboration with


the center of Ptaysanwee is  Pine,  pyrography,  painted in watercolor and pierced by hand. Varnish finish.
the circle is rattan. The macrame is made of French natural cotton cords sublimated with ostrich feathers 
This is a unique model 

The feathers come from breeding birds, raised in the open air, and the feathers come only from bird moults

Dimensions:  40cm in diameter x 100cm in height


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