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Chayton means  "falcon" in the Sioux language 

Animal emblems of Native Americans can include just about any animal, and have symbolic representation for the majority of tribes in the Americas
Many Native American cultures believe that each person has an animal assigned to them at the time of their birth.

The falcon corresponds to the sign of Aries (March 21 - April 21) 

The Falcon sees everything from very far and from very high, he is the one through whom Providence arrives because he is both his eyes and his claw when he swoops down on a prey.
The natives are the instruments of destiny and their free will is only apparent until they have learned moderation, for it is through their impulsiveness that they are the instrument of providence and it is by thinking more, tempering their instincts and taking others more into consideration that they will achieve true autonomy.
Evolved, the Falcon is the bird of fire, the messenger between heaven and earth, the one who is capable of transmitting the celestial law to men. He then becomes Horus, the Falcon-headed Egyptian sun god.
The Zuni Indians associate it with the Zenith: the sun is then just as beneficial because it brings full light as harmful because it then easily burns the skin, it is the double tendency of the Falcon: spiritual guide or instrument of destruction .
In alchemy, the Falcon or the eagle devouring the Lion is the symbol of freedom from gravity, of the flight of the soul.
By the association of the Falcon with our sign of Aries, we can decipher a clear message here: dynamism and energy, to become spiritual, must first destroy the Ego and the taste for earthly pleasure specific to Leo.
Physically, the Falcon person is marked by a light-looking but muscular body that predisposes to sport combining strength, reflexes and flexibility.
The gaze is piercing, sharp and the nose aquiline.

This sublime dreamcatcher, made entirely by hand, has  was designed in collaboration with


the center of chayton is in Pine,  pyrography,  painted in watercolor and pierced by hand. Varnish finish.
the hoop is made of rattan and the weave is made of cotton thread 

This is a unique model

The feathers come from breeding birds, raised in the open air, and the feathers come only from bird moults


280,00 €Price
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